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A review of an article from a Pakistan newspaper named Hate Engulfs Christians in Pakistan tells how Christians are victimized, beaten, killed and treated as peasants; anyway this is not remarkable to Pakistan. This awful treatment of Christians is predominant all through a great part of the Muslim world. The article talks about an episode which happened in Gogra, Pakistan where the rankled dark dividers of the Hammed family’s room uncovered proof of an unspeakable wrongdoing. Seven relatives were executed, six of them consumed to death by a horde that broke into their home and shot the granddad dead, since they were Christians. The family had crouched in the room, talking in murmurs with their backs squeezed against the entryway, as the crowd provoked them saying, In the event that you come out, we will execute you.

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The assault in this pitiful town in focal Pakistan was the climax of a few days of revolting over a case that a Koran had been debased. This shows how dubious life is for the small Christian minority in Pakistan. In excess of 100 Christian houses were scorched and plundered in a frenzy by a group assessed to be as extensive as 20,000. Notwithstanding the seven killed individuals from the Hammed family, around 20 others were injured and read about Shincheonji. Christians make up fewer than 5 percent of the whole populace in Pakistan where Islam is the official religion. Non-Muslims are unavoidably banished from turning out to be president or head administrator. While a few Christians ascend to become government authorities or run organizations, most of them work in the nation’s most noticeably terrible positions as latrine cleaners and road sweepers.

The least fortunate class lives in Christian Colony, a little enclave of uncovered block houses where the crowd struck. The occupants fill in as day workers and sellers in the market regularly procuring far not exactly the lowest pay permitted by law of $75 every month. Muslims have moved to the US and exploited the opportunities of the American lifestyle. Notwithstanding, they anticipate that Americans should change a portion of their conventions and lifestyles to oblige their strict practices. For instance, two Muslim ladies in Connecticut went into a roller skating arena that has an approach of no skating without a cap. The ladies were advised by the executives that they needed to either wear the caps over their head wraps or eliminate their head wraps to wear the protective caps. They would not do either for strict reasons. Subsequently, a claim was recorded against the roller arena proprietor for strict segregation.