Be a Star With Feng Shui Consultation

What is in the Fame And Reputation area of your dwelling? What is its dominant feature? Does the dominant feature correctly represent the element of yourself for which you want to be known? If a photo of the area was a billboard, what could it be advertising?

Consider the feng shui Grid or bagua as a tic tac toe board composed of nine equal squares. Position in the front door, the architectural front door which is, the Fame and Reputation place is in the center of the top row.

One of my customers is considering purchasing a new home. There’s a sit down bar in the Fame and Reputation region. This couple enjoys just the occasional glass of wine. If they enjoyed giving margarita parties or were wine connoisseurs, the pub would be well positioned.

As they are neither And they otherwise enjoy the design and location of the home, what can they do to mitigate the impact of the pub’s location and prominence in the Great Room?

First, it is good to Remember that this area is connected with the FIRE component, also. They are both very powerful in Fire, so the affect is somewhat neutralized already.

This couple has a Fabulous collection of artwork. Using the bar shelves to display their artwork rather than pub paraphernalia and by spot lighting one striking piece put on the counter transforms their individuality as partiers into the art collectors which they are.

Perhaps your reason For living is your kids or grandchildren. Sculptures or paintings depicting families or children placed in this region contrasts with your family-person persona.

Let us say the Fame & Reputation Area is where you keep all of your golf trophies or golf artwork. Is golf the first thing that you need others to consider if your name comes up? If golf is your passion, you bet.

First check out what Is at the Fame and Reputation area of your entire home. Whatever you see in that region applies to everybody who lives there.

It is possible that The Fame & Reputation Area is partially in 1 area and partly in another. It is often outside, also. Still, what is there? What does this say about the men and women who reside in the house?

Then check out what is From the Fame and Reputation & FIRE area of this room each individual uses most. Does this reflect how they choose to be known?

For help in Knowing the subtle feng shui consultation messages that your environment are sending, call Or email Kathleen to research how a feng shui consultation will help you.